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Bridlington  Trip

It was on a Tuesday morning, 28 August 2009 that a trained expedition of experts were waiting to go on a momentous journey , to go to the South Cliff and North of Bridlington by the sea. All fastened up with towels, money, coats, sun cream and banter. It seemed that dear June was in a flow of singing “I do like to be beside the seaside” and I was singing “all the nice girls love a sailor” or so I have been told. After they had been shown the ropes it was “Anchors away”


As we went on our travels in the mini bus, we passed many a new name such as Burton Agnes, Ruston Parva, Harpham and not forgetting Bess-by-Village. The names seemed to conjure some exotic outreaches of England


Then we arrived at our initial stop for tea, coffee and juice at a place called “The Balloon Tree” near Stamford Bridge, York. At this quaint refreshment stop we found a farm cafe with local produce and even pick your own peas and broad beans. The matriarch of the day trip June was being mother and pouring the tea beautifully, but lost some of her finesse by placing her elbows on the table and dunking her biscuit. Refreshed and ready for the next bit we all got back in the mini bus to go forward to the seaside. “Who can see the sea” came the cry still fifteen miles away from it. Andy our trustworthy driver was able to get us there in one piece and parked up near to the shore and we walked to the front.

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