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Nicks Corner  Aug 2011

August 2011

 Dear Friends and fellow twitters of the Enjoy Yourself Society, Welcome once again as I try and tell you the latest from the scented garden we call the Growing Zone. One of things I would like to say is that there will be appearing a young club of nature and growing things in a garden happening over the summer. This will happen once a week, during the summer holiday period.  This will be called the Chrysalis Club. So named, that all the children will feel like a butterfly spreading its wings at the end of it all.  June stretches herself so she can just make it for last orders after having another busy hectic day on the Growing Zone, where she has lost track of time. She does realize this, when the moon and stars are out and it’s Mid Summer. Good Luck with this project, the idea was from a local youngster.Slightly moving off the beaten tumbleweed track, I must give a mention of absolute joy of June receiving her invitation from the Queen to one of her summer Garden Parties, which June will be going with her husband and loyal servant, Robert. This is all down for recognition of what June has done to create the community Project which is the Growing Zone. I have told her to mind her P's and Q's, although she’s pretty good at Q-ing. The one bit of advice that I have given June for the protocol on that day is, when the Palace staff serve out the teas and coffees it is not for her to mumble the words to them " Have you got anything stronger than this!"There is a rumour that on being summoned to the Palace as a thank you, that June is thinking about having her own coat of arms.   As by now most of you will know that the new members of the Royal Family included 3 Acorns on it, represents Kate and her 2 siblings. For June it will most likely be the sign of 3 large optics delivering, vodka, gin and red wine.On recent successes I must mention that of the hard work and team work of the people involved with the newly refreshed garden area around the Garforth Country Club, home of our friends and supporters Garforth and District Lions.  People from West Ardsley Fulfilling Lives, Home Farm Trust and several more took part in the tidy up and planting. It has brought about a new boost within their grounds of new vigour and of life occurring.  This usually happens to June after her 3rd Gin and Tonic. This year will be the year of proper social networking and I don't mean Twitter because most of what goes on that site is just a load of twittering without actually saying anything at all.And now the final few musings.  Firstly, I like the Lions idea of planting 1000 trees in our district. This has been taken up by GZ who is going to be planting tree saplings, finding sponsors, and then taking them to community areas where they can plant them. This for me is a simple idea but so brilliant. Finally for the time being on Saturday 7th May GZ members and volunteers are meeting at the Growing Zone to see where we are going and what we want to achieve in the forthcoming year.  We will tackle all ideas with our usual vigour to succeed, not forgetting to treat the people who use the Growing Zone with respect and still have fun.Take care and best wishes from his undergrowth of vines and telling June not to dance so provocatively round the May Pole as the spirit of fertility may result in our flowers, fruit and vegetables looking more like an oversized GM Crop. Nicks Corner signing off until the middle of May. Have a wonderful time