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Nicks Corner  Dec 2010


Nick's Xmas Piece

 Well how is everyone in the face of ice, snow and freezing temperatures?   Hopefully, all dressed properly for the occasion.  On the point of occasions, we stir you back through the mists of time to the boiling pot that was bubbling at The Growing Zone Halloween/ Bonfire night do.  June was busy throwing in all sorts to make it a feast to tantalize the taste buds including a pinch of nail cuttings and nasal hair just to add flavouring.  What a glow it was from the fire, watching the 360 degree turn of fireworks.  Magnificent.  Then on the very same weekend we were at the Garforth and District Lions Club fireworks display where the crowds flocked in and many favourable comments were made.

 Also back in November there was a wonderful Curry making day with our own produce, smoothly put together by a lovely lady called Suman from Home Farm Trust.   West Ardsley Adult day centre was there to enjoy the food of delight and in the supportive role of making fruity meringues.  June was so disappointed not to be making the food.  Chris from West Ardsley Day Centre was singing for the whole world and more.  What he was singing was anybody’s guess.

 We waft on to an award ceremony in November which was a very humbling experience and we made lots of useful contacts which are so useful to our sturdy future.

 Our hearts did sink when our first edition of our fabulous calendar came out a bit wrong.  When this happened, if June’s language was a colour it would have been the deepest blue.  We have learned by our mistakes.  Of course that is why June does so little cooking these days.   Great pieces of artistic, classy, culinary delights are produced.  Delights which have never before been seen or been seen since.  Total original masterpieces.

Forwards to the area of our Christmas lunch at the Wellington Pub.  2 courses £5.25, what a bargain. We had a very healthy turn out by our workers and supporters at this event on 14th December.  If you heard or was told about a strange man wearing a white Stetson hat with a couple of polar bears resting upon it, it was me.  I am always having a terrible time parking the polar bears safely.  Due to this I had to take them into the pub for safety, where waiting for them were a few Reindeers and Penguins, of course.

 I must give a special thank you to Robert for all his help.  A beacon of light to us all, but more likely to be a flashy one with the Christmas tree light wrapped around his florescent jacket.

 Finally I would like to say thank you to The Garforth and District Lions club for their Christmas can collection for festive hampers, the Santa’s Sleight run and the Santa’s Grotto at Strikes Garden Centre, where a few of GZ members helped out.  Santa was fabulous.  All the money collected by the Lions goes back into the community.

 This just gives me time to wish you all a very happy Christmas 2010 and a happy and healthy New Year 2011.  Hoping all the uncertainties about the adult day centres are sorted out.

   Love and best wishes Nick J.  Nicks Corner

 P.S. The answer to the situation of the picture on the front of the new calendar with June sat in the wheel barrow.  It was nothing to do with us having too many Gin and Tonics or bottles of wine, but actually just because we felt like it.  Why not I say!  You only have one chance in life.  Remember to follow that rainbow and reach for the stars in 2011.