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Nicks Corner  Feb 2012

February 2012

 Dear All,


 Once again on this day of love and overpriced flowers, it is I, of the gibberish jabber to start the New Year off with the latest delving of the Growing Zone.  A few weeks ago on a very fresh evening, a group of us with some starry eyed children glanced and stared

 into the moonlit skies of Pontefract at the Carlton Observatory.   Here, we were shown all the meaning behind  what we were looking at out there and we were reminded that we were seeing into  the past.  I have to say, the last time I  saw something that shimmered so much, and with such sparkle, was one of Junes  dresses at a Lion’s charter night.

 Thank you  to everybody involved.


 a little, bit back to Christmas, where June along with other great volunteers was

 with Father Christmas in his Grotto at Strikes.

 They were certainly working overtime and certain peoples feet were

 throbbing and so were other things.  We won't talk about that.

 Forward  to the snowy conditions of a couple of weeks ago, and where most people made

 our first GZ meeting of the year.   It seems that we are doing okay but looking to

 do even better. The calendars sold well and they were a worthwhile gift to give

 to people.


 TheExplorers activities and the Pyrography/Craft sessions are a couple of areas where

 we expect to really shine this year. They are to create many things and with

 their ideas and creativity we see ourselves going from strength to strength.


  We would also like to send best wishes to June’s  father who hasn't been too well and I would like to take this opportunity to  step in here, and replace Alf and his generous supplies of goodies.   I will be delivering any extra biscuits or tea bags which are 2 for the price of1 to  the Growing Zone.


  More and more people from different  organizations want to the part of GZ, so we won't rest on our laurels because  if you do it for too long, you get an itchy bottom.


We are  looking forward this year to being part of the tree planting campaign and all

 that is happening in this year’s Queen Diamond Jubilee.  June is hoping to get invited to her party in  exchange for a box of Growing Zone Organic vegetables.


 Hopefully  you have kept yourself safe from slipping and sliding into any injuries, plus

 not freezing when standing still for too long.  I'm always scared if a little bit of me may

 snap off in the cold and bring tears of something to my face.


Happy  Valentines to all connected with the Growing Zone.


 With love


 Rambling  Raconteur Nick.