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Nicks Corner Jul 2010

9th July 2010 

Dear Mirthful, Merrymaking People of the Growing Zone,

It is once more upon my soul and duty to put forward to you, a mixture of mirth and mystery and anything else I can think of off the top of my head, where something might of escape but I couldn't tell you why? First among you is the trials and tales of scarecrows and competitions plus Elvis turning up late due to he was opening a new CO-OP store. In the running for this fine competition was the attributes of Jordan or Katie Price where life is Orange literally, but she fell short as we didn't have enough straw for her cleavage, as there were a herd of cows desperate for that batch. But looking pretty as a picture were Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally for a cup of Tea and a slice of cake. They make such a lovely couple. My mother says I have a great likeness to Worzel as I get out of bed on a morning. Also a little mention for Elvis was by the time he turned up, the audience had left the building due to his lateness. No more said on the subject.


Onwards and upwards towards a man called John who came to us asking if we could try and sell some bird boxes , but instead was so enchanted by the Growing Zone, that he brought us Enchanted Presents for us. These comprised of our favorites from Wind in the Willows and the cheeky characters of Beatrix Potter especially that loveable rascal Peter Rabbit. Addition to this our array of painted wooden trains adding to the character of the Growing Zone.


In another corner of our masterful creation, is a little corner that will always be Africa to us with Lion statues and the cheeky meerkats, plus some monkeys, with some added backdrop of arid sandy pebbles with the finishing touches of an oasis. With the Rainbow Nation of South Africa World Cup coming to an end, we have our own bit of a Rainbow Nation with the colours of our railings beaming out its masterly fusion of colours and pride in doing it. To mention in passing will be a musical soiree' and barbecue coming up soon which you will be informed about.


        But my faithful readers and fan out there, to ease to this particular finish this time is to feel in a cruising mood on some Canal Boats , one called Lady Victoria and the other Lady Rhodes from the Safe Anchor organization near Brighouse with our merry making groups from West Ardsley and Rothwell , where we managed to get up early to catch our mini buses. For the Time that we had to get up and ready, especially for June, she deserves the Victoria Cross, for being a servant of the realm performing beyond the call of duty. In other words having to get up 2 hours before she usually does. As we sailed through the locks and discovering the enrichment of wildlife including an albino duck and fig trees, we must mention that June did try to open one of the locks, but it was too risky for here as there was a possibility of breaking one her glam shiny finger nails. Chris from West Ardsley was sending everybody off, but luckily his whistle was certainly a bit softer then the humming of wasps voovoozellahs, which have been the incessant droning sound of the World Cup. The trip on the barge, along the River Calder was just a morning and afternoon delight which was a memory worth encapsulating for a memory treasured and life seemed more mellow and calm for a while an June and I shutting our gobs for at least half an hour. Mann the Starboard bow Captain and for the rest of you AH HA Maties and see you for the next installment in August, where mentions of The National Trust and cream teas could be mentioned. Land Ahoy and last I have found me sea legs to get onto dry land the enchanting world of the Growing Zone.

Take care, Love Nicholas to one and all x.