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Nick's Corner July 2012

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in the exotic, steamy, mysterious world of the never never land of The Growing Zone, a lot of people have been having quite a bit of fun lately, maybe trying to ede themselves about doing any work in the garden. But fear not it was the noise of the Jubilee Jamboree celebrations for good Queen Liz. I was wrapped up in my Great Britain flag with some flapjack goodies. June was looking very interesting to say the least. At first I thought she had got a nasty rash on her face but found out it was just face painting gone too far. The children who arrived from different schools played croquet, skittles, lawn darts, and sponge throwing at people’s faces and splat the rat where no rat was hurt just a mock version. Our Patron Judith came along to join in with the frivolities. The sun shone on the day I was there. A rare occurrence this year. A bit like June cooking once in a blue moon. When was the last time you saw a blue moon.

I have to say our area to help plant a forest with our saplings so the schools can take away and plant, interconnected with the Queens main charity this year. It is such a fantastic way to help the environment. Actually June has been adapting this for her own back garden at home, trying to grow her own vineyard. Anyway, if it doesn't succeed then the local off licence is in walking distance.


Not long after this we had a special occasion when the Mzuvele High school Choir from South Africa joined us. They were so good that even their warm up songs for their vocal chords were brilliant. It was a real treat for us all. Also performing for us was a Primary school from Bramley.  They sang us a wonderful selection of songs accompanied by their acoustic guitars.  Brilliant.  The selection of songs included a very catchy song that originated from a school they are twinned with in Norway, all about friendship.  On the note of friendship, I would like to thank The Garforth and District Lions club once more for helping us with our barbeque. To put a nice finishing touch to the day we had a couple of young guys who played the keyboard and sang a lot of modern songs for us. Just before I go, I have to say that our torch bearing scarecrow made for us by Headfield Primary at Dewsbury for the Olympics, is continuing to do a grand job keeping burning a bit longer just in case we  need help in starting up any impromptu barbecues we may have, whenever summer may happen or not.

  Take care, best wishes Nicky Nacky Noo, torchbearer for the Tiddlywinks, Dominoes and Marbles      Olympic team.