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Nick's Corner June 2016

Dear reader,


I know there is one of you out there, it is I Nick J come henceforth once again out of the wilderness and into the light of day to do my Mid Summer Mutterings and I don't mean who is being bumped off in the next series.


It is instead me once again to be able to spin a yarn or two about GZ. The rumour wasn't true that June was one of the druids this year at Stonehenge Summer Solstice, as she would never put herself through wearing a bag of old rags.  When I heard that at GZ they were replacing the old boiler for a new one, there was an awful rumour that it was referring to June. Absolute scurrilous lies. Thank you for the generosity of the people who have been responsible for this, it is much appreciated.


Must mention the final transformation of the new tranquillity area to go and sit with ones thoughts. It looks resplendent. It has been painted in the All England Tennis Club Colours of Wimbledon Tennis Club Grand Slam Championship. I am hoping they may even serve Pimms and strawberries whilst sat there in contemplation of my thoughts. Which, ladies and gentlemen are perfectly innocent.


Onwards with another form of great generosity that for the next two community pantomimes held at the Garforth Miners Community Welfare Club.  The Garforth Musical Society is donating the money raised from their performances to GZ. This is on the pretext that June plays one of the Ugly Sisters and I play the pantomime dame .My dream job, with the Ugly sister part for June.  All you would have to do would be make her get up at 8am in the morning and you wouldn't have to add any touches of make up for her part .


A welcome addition to our merry band of folk has to people from the Jigsaw Tree who are an organisation supporting families with autistic children. GZ is a place that is a perfect environment for them to enjoy, learn and gain confidence in their own special way, not to be judged but to be encouraged to develop and grow with life itself.


Finally, so much recently has been the focus for children to learn through academies and to be academic. What they seem to be missing is the instilment of life skills, which at GZ is being giving out in bucket loads. Along with great social skills, a great ring of confidence and the feeling of being secure whilst you are part of GZ.



On this night of EU elections, I don't think the outcome would make much difference to GZ at all. We will continue to thrive and flourish one way or another. Personally I like to go in out, in out, shake it all about you do the Hokey Cokey and turn around, that's what it’s all about.


Cheers Tc Nick Jones and his scintillating slippers shuffle until I meander once again about TGZ xx