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Nick's Corner March 2013

Nicks piece March 2013


Dear All


I am hoping you haven't been shaken by any of the recent blustyness, windchill, chilblains and whirling of snow. What I am bringing to you now is the most recent sighting of the Growing Zone on Look North with June, Sophie Warriner, Alex Parrot plus other contributions to a lovely and delightful piece all about how we have been helped by contributions from Comic Relief funds and to show why we are worthy of receiving the donation.


For me it is about community, fairness, equality, learning with the elements of fun and enjoyment. I managed to persuade June not to put on one of her sparkly dresses for this piece as of course the dress would have been the centre of attention. June totally understood this.


I must give a mention to Alex who has recently won the Lions Young Ambassador award. £500 was given to her charity of her choice, which she generously donated to the Growing Zone. Thank you Alex.  This money will allow us to take 2 placements from the community for one day a week for 25 weeks.  Also we have some good news of more youngsters coming as placements to the Growing Zone.   Some have special needs and come from the local Academies and Colleges. There is a feeling of general warmth and glow from this, but we will not be resting on our laurels, although Laurel is getting a bit fed up of resting upon.


At our recent meeting, trustees were put in place, just in case anything should happen to June, Robert or the committee, resulting in the closure of GZ. To me this was one of my highest accolades when I was successful in becoming one of them.


Alex Parrot put a useful suggestion forward of us needing to put a younger team forward for the future. Well I will try to do my best to be useful and try a new brand of Oil of ULay to stem back the tide of wrinkles or maybe I would get the same result as King Canute trying to stop the tide coming in.

Also to say from the meeting was that in the event of the Growing Zone having to close its doors, hopefully a long way off, we were happy to vote that all the money left in the bank of its funds should be donated to the Little Hiccups. Very good investment of what the Growing Zone stands for.


Hopefully in response of being a recipient at the Growing Zone from a healthy donation of money from Comic Relief some of us can do something funny for money. Supposedly rumoured that June was going to be part of the Great British Bake Off in connection with this, but it wasn't worth the risk of knackering an expensive oven or the unnecessary call out of the local fire brigade. Although June may have done this just to see if they were any good for helping to pose for our next calendar. You never know.


Take care, good health, good cheer and good growing. May it be our best year yet?

This is Nick signing off just behind the tool shed in a make shift canvas tent and heating from a generator.xx