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Nicks Corner May 2010

Dear All,  


Hello, its Nick delving once again into the far reaches and depths of the Growing Zone happenings, big or small, with a little dash of May Pole Dancing. There we are there was my dash at May Pole Dancing, gladly this time not caught up with all the colourful ribbons, but I've still got a couple of Morris Dancers want to show me how to shake my bells. Well that’s another story. Now let me transport you back to Scarborough. This is where a few of us had a delightful time with a father and daughter called Barry and Lindsey, who live in a lovely little flat by the sea with a magnificent view of the sea and the coastline. But one of the main things we were shown was Lindsey and her electrical motorised models of different motorised vehicles. They were exquisite and quite brilliant. We have persuaded her father and herself to bring these models over to the Growing Zone for the rest of us to see these fantastic contraptions and hopefully coming to join us at the Teddy Bears Picnic on May 11th.


From that I am whisking into the hurly burly world of the Growing Zone world where we have been pricking the soil and planting seeds and watering them, ready for the seasons ahead of us. One of the new sheds with electric points for our kitchen and other pieces of equipment, looks beautiful in its shinning colours which has brought to life the original structure. Also our plans are ahead for the layout of the raised four corners of the main garden area, for flowers with the other couple of strips for our vegetables and salads. The Leeds In Bloom People seem to be quietly impressed in what we had to show them. Must mention about the other shed that Chris helped to put together and looks sturdy for the reckless cooking lessons that June will be doing. This is when she will be pinging the microwave oven far too quickly, finding it hard for the attention for cooking for more than a minute.


Before I sign off, I must give a special mention to Louise are student, in the whole way she has conducted herself, and I don’t mean with a baton to keep an orchestra under control. It's all about her warmth of her Personal, Social and Emotional skills, including our trip to Rothwell Adult Centre, where she was so at ease and caring with the different people, encouraging them and listening to what they had to say. We've just have to get Louise out of the habit of so much texting and focus on the job in hand. She has also brought some fashion chique to the Growing Zone, with the Parisian style


To finish off with there will be a thank you from the Garforth and District Lions to members of the growing Zone with the help to the garden project at the country club. Bye for now. I am just off to find Rupert, Paddington and Little Ted for the Teddy Bears Picnic Party on the 11th May, making sure they don't put elbows on tables. Also I will be asking Little Ted to see if Andy Pandy and Looby Loo are free for that date. Next time it will be about the Teddy Bears Picnic and any shenanigans happening at the Garforth and District Lions, National Conference Event at the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend, whether they were using any scented joss sticks at the 60's theme evening and whether Joss was fed up in getting into trouble for this?


Take care.  


Bye for now, from Nick.