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Nick's Corner May 2012


Hello all you jumping jolly Jubilee people, welcome once again to the meanderings of my foolish waffle plus hard hitting journalism at the Growing Zone where next Wednesday afternoon the Little Noises and the Little Itches will be in full merriment of food, drink, singing and games being played, with supposedly June putting on her best jewels to be the stand in queen. People sometimes refer to me with that name, just because I dance now and again with different coloured feather boas. I can't see what all the fuss was about when doing this in isle number 26 at the CO-OP.

We are definitely making new friends and new volunteers who give both their time and money creating a new welcome ambiance to our wildlife area and sheds. We thank you all. Especially to James who very kindly donated 2 windows for our summer house, and to Keith who had them put in, in one day.  Fabulous. Plus Julie’s progression with the different and charming souvenir items of different animals and maps of places on tea towels and the added achievement and enjoyment of doing this kind of art work on the different pieces of wood.


Before I finish just a thank you to the already patriotic setting on the Growing Zone including the Union Jack bench. Marvellous

.Finally for the time being a little monologue.


On Jubilee Week we will have good cheer, with children, jelly and ginger beer, the music will be to sing and dance with friends and family, whilst June will be drinking a large glass of red wine merrily. So get out your bunting, tables and chairs, when you arrive there and we will except your wears, whatever your red white and blue, it will be for us to do, wish you all a Happy Jubilee, Yippee Yippee!!

Take care until next time. This is Nicholas Jones doing his own version of the Olympic Torch Relay--A large vanilla whipped ice cream and a double99 chocolate flakes with chopped nuts. They say that this suits my personality down to the ground. I have no idea what there on about!?


Take care with Love Nick Jx.nesccr@hotmail.co.uk