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Nick's Corner May 2014

Subject: Wanderings, headlines and Highgrove and THE KGB

Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 1



Dear All


Here I am in the week of my birthday, Eurovision Song Contest plus the 69th Anniversary of VE Day of the 2nd World War.  It is time once again to unfold a few more witterings of the Growing Zone. First of all congratulations to Connor on his 21st birthday and his dads band The KGB, (Kippax Garage Band) as the evening entertainment (brilliant) along with our Queen of the mature Rock Chick, June strutting her stuff.


Of course recently June has been doing  power point talks in Leeds villages  to promote GZ and our young leaders in service with the help of Sophie our young Ambassador (all supported by our local Lions club) saying what had inspired her to be part of her community work which was her grandma.  Then there has been the wonderful articles written about June and all connected with GZ in recent additions of Yorkshire Post and Evening Post, where the wording in what happens at GZ is just a joy to be behold .  You wouldn't get such joy if you rang June at 9 in the morning. The only thing that June got annoyed about was it mentioned her age. I replied that it was good it mentioned her age as she truly could show what a brilliant role model for that age group she was and she didn't have to pay me any money to say that. One of the best quotes from June was when she said she has never had children herself but now has accumulated over 200 at the Growing Zone. I have to say it must be pretty busy at her house when Robert decides  to invites them all round there at once.



Before I finish , I must give a mention that on Wednesday, 6th May this year , June and Robert made their way to Highgrove, home of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Hopefully June was on her best behaviour.  I am sure she was wearing something sparkly and trying to make an impression. Let's hope she took her wrinkled stockings off which she borrowed from Norah Batty before she arrived.


Finally for the time being the only thing that June will be voting for in the forthcoming EEC Elections will not be UKIP but instead IKIP, which is her own independent party which has only one policy, never wake her before 10.00 AM IN THE MORNING as you may be risking life and limb in doing so.


Hope to see you all very soon at GZ.


Ta ta for now


Take care from Nick J Radio 2 with attitude and Officially Number 1 fan of GZ. xx