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Nicks Corner Nov 2011

November 2011


Hello, it’s that time of year again for me to do some rambling, plus even more.  This time I will take you into the misty haze of Halloween and the scary things, especially  June’s face and what it looks like when woken up at 6BM  (yes, BM, before makeup) in the morning. I think it is quite safe to say that the Pumpkins that were made for our bonfire parties at GZ were based on June before putting her slap on.


At the merry jape of our Halloween party was the delightful attendance of one of our new user groups, The Little Hiccups.   A magical mix of costumes was displayed, in all their glory, including a feisty mix of witches ready to cast some magical spells.


A few days later a large entourage of Kippax Brownies descended upon the garden.  Everything was a success.  Nice evening brownies.


June scored some brownie points herself when on November 5th she cooked a massive pan of chilli con Carni.  This was a dish of culinary success made to tickle people’s taste buds.  This was a marvellous achievement for her, as usually if it doesn’t ping in 2minutes or less in the microwave she wouldn’t usually have bothered.


I must now mention the fabulous Garforth Explorers who’s array of members have been outstanding in transforming an area next to GZ into another place of tranquillity where things can be grown and we can contemplate.


Our Autumnal barge trip with all the changing of colours went down a treat and was enjoyed by all.  A very big thank you, to Safe Anchor Trust.


Another thing I must give a mention to, which is, a few members of GZ attended a service of thanksgiving to support our lovely Patron Councillor Judith Elliott, who at the moment is doing her bit as the Lord Mayor of Morley.  Actually June herself she considered the position of Mayor because of all the sparkly bits of bling you get to wear.


Finally, but by no means least, I would like to mention to the Garforth and District Lions who have supported us once again this year.  A few of us went to their 39th Charter dinner and basically it was just an excuse for me to wear a feather boa and some coloured scarves on the dance floor. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


IMPORTANT NEWS - The Growing Zone 2012 Calendars are ready to go.  The mixture of pictures showing our service users and volunteers really show the rainbow of life that comes together at GZ.  On that note I would like to refer to a quote I read recently which is so apt for many of our wonderful special friends. “We are different, but we are still beautiful”


Well, it is time for me to go and look at the reindeer we need for Father Christmas, when he comes to switch on the Christmas lights.


Just to say there will be another mixture of morsels and merriment before Christmas day.

 Take care from Rambling Nick, Radio 2 with attitude. P.S.  I have to squash the rumours that June’s husband is one of the bravest men I know, which was said to me when looking through our new calendar and pointing to one of the scarecrows in the photos “ saying that one looks remarkably like June before she brushes her hair in the morning.

June’s commentsDarling Nick.  From the same misty haze of jolliness and tropical splendour at GZ, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for those few kind words.  I will remember them for all time, especially when I have a surplus of filling for our scarecrows