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Nick's Corner November 2013


November 2013


Hello people in the land of life and possibly carefree lives. We wish, to once again go henceforth with the latest meanderings from the Growing Zone. First of all there is to mention the gathering of many people. This was an end of summer cream tea party in September as a thank you to all of our volunteers and sponsors and many others who have served us well this year.  The day was heralded a delight and success.  


We were blessed by the weather being kind to us, plus all the volunteers and helpers producing a fine feast of cakes and scones, jam, cream and biscuits.  As you know June is totally averse to baking, which was shown recently when she read the title The Great British Bake Off and she thought it was a sun tanning competition. The only thing that June would use a baking cookery book for would either be a door stop or the paper to start and light a bonfire with.  Full marks for everybody who helped May you continue to serve us and enjoy the Growing Zone as much as all of us who are part of it.

We were also served well on the day by our youthful selection of Young leaders in service.


Now, we go onto more glamorous things.


A few of us, including Robert, June’s loyal servant and husband, attended the Little Hiccups charity Ball at the Marriott Hotel Leeds.  The Growing Zone loves to support this organisation as it is so important in supporting children who have many physical and emotional needs.   In return they give us so much pleasure when they come to us.

As usual we made a spectacle of ourselves including a set of comical gimmick glasses and feather boas. The only problem when we go next year each table wants a set of comedy glasses and feather boas themselves. Of course June going to a posh charity ball had to include a new sparkly address for the occasion.  



Take Care

Nicholas x