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Nick's Corner November 2014


Autumn 2014


Welcome after too much of a break to my mangled monologues of merriment about the further goings on at The Growing Zone.

Recently there was our AGM, which took place in the salubrious  surroundings of our rather splendid Polly tunnel which was a saviour to us, as at one stage  the rain and hailstone thumped quite loudly, with dear June  needing a megaphone at one stage. The discussions were good and there are to be changes as people move on to do other things. It was very kind of June to cook the pizzas for the AGM, which had supposedly been cooked on her own earthenware kiln and she had been up since 4am doing this . Marvellous

Before we go into the generosity of people and organisations, I must give a mention to our two favourite cheeky boys Tom and Connor. Tom has been really developing his all over skills including a real eye for natural surroundings with photography. Connor on the other hand is starting a course with the Princes Trust. I wonder if there is any part of it for the development of being a rock guitarist. (He is brilliant)

Once again our success again has been the summer play scheme and from those happenings we are hopeful of doing something for the October half term.


Now back to the plot.  We must mention our thanks to the following organisations.


First of all our utilities are now kindly paid for us by Network Express of Kent. Many thanks Rowland.

A racing bike was purchased with the kind donation from Warburton's and supplied by  Dave Rayners Cycle sport shop in Garforth at a fantastic low price.  We are hopefully raffling it at Christmas when Santa comes .  Several money tins will be needed, hopefully to buy something useful for GZ.  And No June, not to put towards a new party sparkly dress for some occasion.

A much appreciated donation from the Lord Mayors Charity Fund  LOFTY.  We intend using the money towards something useful, which is a placement position for one of our younger service users.

One of our kindest  donations was from a lovely gentleman called Joe who had reached 100 years of age. Because he liked so much what we do he donated his birthday money of £150 to us which will be put towards a jet wash for cleaning down the outside surfaces and making the walkways safe. Thank you Joe.  Health and happiness to you. The jet wash has also been put in reserve to use on June if she is ever needed to be woken up before 10am.

The application to Leeds Masonic Lodge via Ian Grant( allotment friend and supporter) has been successful in gaining funding to pay for the staging, fleece and other goodies for the new greenhouse which has been donated through the Friends of the Garforth Lions. Also I must give a mention to the application and decision from Kippax Parish council who have given us a grant  of a £1000 which will allow us to cover the costs of our insurance of our locks, pet testing and security for a whole year. Wonderful.

Zurich Cares who have sponsored us since we first began and who we now think of as our special friends have given us the money to pay for   Gardening managers to help with our placement and expansion scheme for the next 3 years. A million thanks.

Well it is time once again for June to dust of her broom stick and get out her jar of readymade make up for Halloween. We will be able for us to do this twice again on 5th and 8th November which we will combine with Bonfire Night at GZ.   In November there will be a sizeable turn out from GZ helpers for the Little Hiccups Charity Ball on November 21st at the Marriot Hotel. Reports of that celebration will be edited and censored where necessary, especially if the bar runs out of gin for June.

Also giving another mention of one of our favourite groups, that of the Little Hiccups, which we will be doing their Christmas Party and Santa on the 14th December.

On the 16th December GZ is having its own Christmas party in the poly tunnel with everyone bringing food for the table.

Our GZ  Christmas Meal out for GZ will beat the Wellington Pub will be on the 18th December.

That's your lot for the time being and I will reach you with further ramblings before Christmas. Just off to mix my Halloween potion to make for June as a cure for getting up before 10am, but then again it would take a miracle.


Take care Nick Rambling Rumpoled Jones.


Reply from June: Just you wait sunshine.  Revenge is best cold.