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Nicks Corner  Sep 2010



The last hoorah of a fruitful summer and the re opening on October 5th 2010

 29th September 2010





Dear All,

  Into the midst of a hazy summer, yes we did have one, with the remaining bit of tan to tell the truth of the fruitfulness of our wares at The Growing Zone. The little orchard of plums and apples seems to have blossomed with pride. I just have to make sure this time of year I have to restrict playing with conkers too much especially my own, because if I don't protect them they may crack easily. Forwards towards another possible award to add to our collection in the near future. The main source of pride is being put forward again for this type of accolade. The main thing to focus on is the anticipation and expectation of our different contributors who come to help us do there bit, will be given their own particular patch to be responsible for with a little help and support in directing these operations, which are totally painless. Two people who have deserved a rest and a holiday for awhile is June and Robert, whose sterling work deserves a mention in our own version of Pride Of Britain Awards as a joint award to both of them in creating our own version of a little bit of paradise and Shangri-La.


The little bit to finish this off is to mention about the new implementation that June had put in place for her tomatoes on the Growing Zone whilst see has taken a well deserved rest, was an irrigation system which worked on a timer to give the rite amount of water. Rumour has it that June was using the same process on her holiday for imple4menting Gin and Tonic and Wine.


Finally coming up there will be a joint Halloween and Bonfire night happening. I had to sort out somebody with a rather gritty loofah who had been spreading scurrilous rumours that June will be flying on her broom that night and performing her own version of the 3 Witches from Macbeth and a humungous cauldron bubbling away.


Bye for now as I enjoy an Eves Apple Sponge pudding from some of the fruitful produce. Eves a bit fed up though as I was a real greedy beggar and ate the lot


Next time there will be more news about Martin and his sponsorship bike ride for the Growing Zone as part of the proceeds.


A little addition that I need to mention that we have gained our whole sponsorship for our 2011 calendar which will be even more special with pleasant surprises from last year’s calendar.

Through the eyes and glow of a Jack O Lantern Pumpkin, I hope to be seeing you all soon. Time to go back home and put my mosquito nets and spray away for another year, not forgetting the very fetching luminous Caribbean swim shorts. Take Care Nick J.