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Nicks  Corner Sep 2011

September 2011

 Hello fruity fruitfulness people, I am here again to dabble in the rich damsons of delectable news from the Growing Zone.First and foremost to start the meanderings off is to give a mention to the Brownies from Kippax 3rd Division of helping to delve out some marigolds to give them to their mums and dads. I think if you mention the other type of marigolds for washing up they may have run a mile. Also on that evening children were helping with the process of plant a tree campaign with the saplings. It was pleasing to see that a number of the girls felt at home with digging, planting and weeding with the soil. Others who hadn't been near digging soil felt it was a massive challenge. On the other hand some were at home with the soil, their grandmas and granddads were allotment holders or keen gardeners which had rubbed off onto their granddaughters. On rubbing up somebody the wrong way, this happened recently when it was fast approaching Yorkshire Day on August 1st.  I gave June a ring about making some Yorkshire Puddings for the Event. She replied to me to go and get knotted. I wondered what she meant. But a minute later, a light bulb came on in my head and realised that June had been sending me a cryptic clue to what I had to do for Yorkshire Day which was to make a knotted handkerchief in each of the 4 corners to make the traditional Northern sun hat in the tropical weather we have been having, sticky, humid and flash flooding. We must give a big thank you to all our sponsors for turning up for our sponsor’s day. This gave me an idea to maybe have June do a sponsored silence.  But I thought again and I knew that was asking the truly impossible.  I would now like to sail you away to the lovely serene surroundings of Safe Anchor in Mirfield.  This wonderful charity gives pleasure to many thousands of people each year, especially for adults and children with language, mental and physical disabilities.  They have a fantastic time on a canal trip and all for free. But we each put a fiver into the kitty for this worthwhile charity. On that day back in June or July, I saw something of a rare subject or something that kept June quiet for half an hour. It was a triple Decker sandwich from her local bakers.   The highlights of the day were seeing baby swans and ducklings plus an abandoned canoe.   Not forgetting our guests having a go with opening and closing locks with some assistance. Days like this make your heart feel lighter and full of hope for some special moments to remember. Finally for the time being if you haven't known already June and her loyal servant husband went down with invites to attend a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for all the work done at the Growing Zone. Before she left with Robert on this well deserved trip, she had mentioned that this invite was to represent us all. She did managed to behave herself when having the teas and coffees and asking for something a bit stronger. I would love to have been there when she was trying to fit up properly a couple of T Shirts for Liz and Phil to post on later to them as there was no problem with remembering their address. Also I know that June prefers flat champagne to the bubbly stuff.    I would have asked for either a large jug of Pimms or Sangria. Well done and 3 cheers to June and Robert. Well, I am off now to dabble my footsies in the sea with my designer made knotted handkerchief, rolled up shorts and a 999 to polish off.  EEE, THAT’S RIGHT CHAMPION. TAKE CARE AND TOODLEPIP TILL NEXT TIME. From Nick with his performing Noodles