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Nick's Corner August 2015

Hello to one and all as we have now reached mid August and the rains have appeared AGAIN. I thought it was about time some tales and ramblings of the events of Glorious Growing Zone which has been developing very nicely over the past few months since Spring and the Summer so far has been.

Developing skills in woodwork have had skills and brilliant supervision done by Junes loyal servant her husband Robert and allotment holder  Keith. This has been absorbed by our youth members willing to learn and gain new skills. Brilliant. Actual recently June had taken up a new skill in wine grape pressing to make a nice vintage done in the traditional way. Unfortunately she kept on losing too many corn plasters in the mix of the juice which couldn’t be filtered, off.  


So with the woodwork and joinery skills abounding and the involvement of our younger members, new benches or as good as new have appeared.  Where, along with a little tea and biscuits for our picnics  we can  chat and contemplation and reflect.   Also a place for using the senses of smell and texture with beautiful fragrances of perfumed flowers to breathe in and relax is in the process of being made.



When I first heard certain words, I thought that June said we had been given some very worthwhile financial support from Tudor Truss. I thought, what would we need from Henry 8ths truss. She actually said Tudor Trust, who have  given us vital financial support.


What is absolutely marvellous is the continuing success of the Young leadership through the community supported by the Garforth and District Lions Club which has grown enormously. Recently I met 2 young ladies from St Wildfreds School Featherstone doing their team leadership course through the Lions plus their Duke of Edinburgh Award. They were an absolute delight. Nearly as big a delight as the reaction of somebody ringing June at 7 am in the morning. WARNING PLEASE DONT TRY THIS AS IT MAY LEAVE YOUR LIFE IN PERIL.


I am glad and happy to see more and more greening days with businesses, banks and insurances. Also I am very pleased with the generous gifts of money and financial stability to the Growing Zone for now and its future. If you don't know by now, we are changing our purpose and stature of the Growing Zone for all the right reasons to be a Community Interest Company.  We will then be able to have more money invested into the project and also the ability to help the youth and give them a chance, new opportunities and a bright future.


The produce on The Growing Zone is better than ever in taste and texture.


Before I go swanning off into the Great wilderness plains of Outer and Inner Kippax, wearing my new cliché exclusive white knotted handkerchief, for the man in the street and his Summer Holidays, I must give a mention about Junes dad Alf who is sadly no longer with us. He was stoic, happy, and at his happiest when he was at the Growing Zone, bringing us enough tea and biscuits to feed a large army. Also producing with his brother Eddy a brilliant planting tray especially adapted for wheelchair users and younger children.  To remember him with a wry smile on his face and to quote a few lines from the song “What a Wonderful World”. “The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky, I see people saying How Do You Do, there really saying I love you. I see baby’s cry and I watch them grow they all know much more then we will ever know, and I think to myself What A Wonderful World Oh Yeah.

O Yes Alf, thanks a million.


Until we meet again t his is Rambling Nick Rumpole reporting from the depths of the pulsating Apple orchard at GZ, Enjoy the rest of your Summer. Take Care, Rambling Nick Rumpole x.